One Year of Working from Home

2020 has marked a huge change in how we approach life. Due to the SaRS-CoV-2 Virus, most of us have learned to keep distance from others and limit movements whenever is possible. The trend is set also for this 2021, since vaccination procedures are being extremely slow.

I know it might sound kind of weird, but without this global pandemic state of emergency, probably I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experiment the Work from Home (WfH), since I was working on strict set of office policy, where I got a PC for doing software development, completely separated from an internet connection, and a PC for doing research or writing e-mails. It was like working on hard mode the whole time, since modern software development tools require almost a permanent internet connection (think of Visual Studio, Docker, Maven, conan and so on) and getting something from outside was a continuous challenge. But this has been beautifully disrupted.

Fast forward, after one year of working from home, I can definitively say that I’m happier than before, feeling incredibly productive, despite having to take care of two small, very active, toddlers. Sure, my typical schedule isn’t a 8-16 Job anymore, but setting my own pace and take profit from moments of quiet (e.g. when kids are sleeping or at the kindergarten, when opened) has improved my productivity to far more higher levels than I’ve experienced in an office, especially in the open-space ones and for long periods.

I believe the Work From Home is here to stay longer (maybe forever?) and that future generations will have better working mentality and conditions that we actually have. There are still challenges about being permanently at home, but they will be eased accordingly.