Starting (again)

Here we go again. After 10 years, I’ve canceled the subscription for my domain+hosting, since I wasn’t using it extensively and I felt guilty of paying that amount of money for nothing, and I’m starting again a new blog on this space. I’m not sure I will write on regular basis, since now there’s much more to do than in the past (2 kids, a toddler and a baby) and the lockdown means taking care of them 24/7, but this is another story.

There are many ways to keep your presence online, some of them are even free. Sure, you don’t have your vanity URL, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you own your data.

This site is based on a Git repository on my hard drive, replicated in GitHub and GitLab. I’m leveraging Netlify for the hosting site, since it does have an out-of-the-box support to Hugo, the static website generator I’m using for these pages you’re reading.

I’ve ditched my old quick and dirty HTML5 pages and my old Jekyll/Github Pages blog, since it was slower, and I was able to got my old posts (not many, since I’ve used platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr, but my spaces are long gone due inactivity and didn’t take backup).

Someone could argue that it’s too much nerdy or takes too much time to set all up and that a platform like Medium is faster, but, again, what about your own data? What if they terminate suddenly your account?

So let’s start here fresh again and see what it comes!